Beginning of Year Forms

For all new and returning students, please fill out, print and sign the following forms to bring to the Davis Center or send in with the student on the first day of school. If you would like to request a packet of these forms from the teacher, please contact them and one will be sent home with the student.

The following forms are required:

  1. The FCPS "Continuing Enrollment Bundle"
    It contains the Health Information, Emergency Care/Contact Form, and Identification of Military Connected Forms.
  2. Travel Permission, Travel.pdf
  3. Legal Guardianship Information, Guardianship.pdf
  4. Media Release, Media_Release.pdf
  5. Bank Account and Funds, Bank_Account.pdf
  6. Banking Information* Bank Form.pdf

*The bank requires some additional information to create the student bank accounts, please fill out the form and turn it in to the teacher. If you have any questions or some of the information is unavailable, please contact the student's teacher or the Davis Center office for more information.

The forms listed below are not required for everyone, except if the student will need to take medication at school, bring an epi-pen or an inhaler, please fill out the forms below.

Please note parents may fill out the Medication form for Over-the-Counter medicine, but a physician must complete and sign the form for all other medications.

FCPS Forms

Medication Authorization Form

Epinephrine Authorization Form

Inhaler Authorization Form

All of these forms and additional information can be found on the FCPS Health Services Information website.