Beginning of Year Forms

This year, due to COVID 19, completion of forms for return to school will be completed online. 


Fill Out Online:

  • *Emergency Care Card- Ensure all information is accurate. We must be able to contact you in the event of an emergency. 
  • *Digital Resources Consent (new)
    • FCPS carefully reviews digital resources to ensure vendors accurately outline how they protect student data in accordance with federal and state law.
    • According to FERPA, FCPS does not need to obtain consent for all digital resources - just ones where student data is collected and we do not have a contract or data confidentiality agreement with the vendor. (In legally technical terms, we designate vendors as a “school official” when we establish a contract and/or a data sharing agreement with them.)
    • Our school opts to use some digital resources that require your consent. These have been carefully vetted for instructional appropriateness, technical functionality, and student data management which is compliant with FERPA and state law.
    • For more information about how digital resources will be used, contact your child’s teacher or administrator.
    • Students will not be instructed to create an account with these resources until a parent provides consent. In the event that a parent does not consent, an alternative resource will be provided which can be used to meet the instructional need in a similar way.
    • Digital Resources at Davis Career Center
  • *Student Ecological Survey


PDFs, Save, Fill out and send by Email:


If Applicable:


Please complete and return the forms by email to Mr. Javier Molina – @email 

If you cannot access the forms online, please contact the DCC front office at 703-714-5600 to have a packet mailed home.


For your information, Student Device Guidelines