DCC Staff Spotlight: Mr. Gogal

February 02, 2023


 This year we want to get to know our staff and each month we will be asking a new person to step into the spotlight! For the month of February, our spotlight is Austin Gogal. Mr. Gogal is one of our fantastic Workplace Readiness Teachers (WRS) and who works with our students at Burlington Seven Corners.

How many years have you worked at DCC?

1 year

How many years have you worked in FCPS?

I have been teaching for 5 years

What is your favorite part of working at Davis?

I love working at Davis because it is such a supportive and welcoming community. I have appreciation and respect for my colleagues, it’s a privilege to work with such great students and staff.

What was your first job?

My first job was working as a landscaper, pulling weeds and digging trenches.

If you weren't a teacher, what would be your dream job?

To write and read education policy!

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy…

Reading, playing guitar, playing frisbee, swimming and going on walks along the bike path

Thank you for joining us at Davis Mr. Gogal, we are very fortunate to have you part of the Davis Career Center team.

Mr. GogalFamilyHike